Sharon Loh said “All Singaporean Men are Buayas” and I Disagree

Must be from Singapore.

Must be from Singapore.

On August 21st, there was an article in The Sunday Times, entitled Blindedsided by Dirty Old Man, written by Sharon Loh.

She wrote:

Singapore is such a safe place that I was surprised when my younger daughter didn’t want to go running alone during our trip back last year.

I discovered why when we went to the park connector near where we were staying.

From some distance back, I could see a man, who looked to be in his 50s, running alongside her and saying something to her. He stopped only because she kicked up her pace and left him in her dust.

When I asked her later, she said he was asking her for her name. My 16-year-old. Being hit on by a man more than three times her age.

On another occasion, my daughters were lounging by the condominium pool when they were invited by some boys to a movie.

“Wow,” I told anyone who would listen, “Singaporean men are buayas.” (“Buaya” is the Malay word for “crocodile” but is also a colloquial term meaning “lecher.”)

Loh also said that her daughters’ 16-year-old friend, visiting Singapore for the first time, was the recipient of a flattering remark on her first ride on the MRT by a man “old enough to be her father who should have known better.” “She didn’t know where to look,” wrote Loh.

Loh, who now lives in the USA, then went on to say:

“In our home town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, men do not make a habit of staring openly or passing remarks on women in the street.”

In one fell swoop, Loh insulted ALL the men in Singapore – including her own father and husband – and chose to ignore the  unsavory part of life in the US such as the mass shootings and the rapes, just because from her experience, men in her part of the US – Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where less than 60,000 people reside – “do not make a habit of staring openly or passing remarks on women in the street.”

Yes, there are lechers and perverts on the loose, but not every man who speaks to a teenager is a buaya. (Women should stop thinking that every man is trying to hit on them!) Also, not every man who pays a compliment to a woman is a sexual deviant. And if you don’t know where to look when someone pays you a compliment, you should perhaps sign up for a class on social etiquette. Plus, if your teenage daughters don’t get invitations to movies from other boys, then you better be worried.

Loh feels safer in North Carolina, it seems. She called Chapel Hill “our home town.”

Maybe no man there wants to look at her and her daughters! Maybe the buayas in North Carolina have better taste than those here.

I wish Loh many years of happy living in North Carolina. If she thinks she has found Utopia on earth, then maybe she shouldn’t come back here.

It never fails to astound me when those who have the opportunity to live overseas lose no time to denigrate their own country and their own countrymen.

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Dissoi Logoi

FraudsterAs a young man (many years ago) I toyed with the idea of getting a motorcycle and when I sought my father’s opinion, he highlighted to me both the pros and cons of using a motorcycle as a means of daily trainsport.

True, a motorbike is more affordable than a car, said my dad, but a motorbike is “flesh wrapping metal” whereas a car is “metal wrapping flesh.” That analogy drove home the point about how dangerous a motorbike can be on our busy roads.

Since then, I have always made it a personal responsibility to present both sides of an argument. For example, when it comes to investing, I always caution friends that big returns involve big risks; take smaller risks, and you earn lesser returns, but at least you won’t lose your shirt.

But some people are uncomfortable with straight talk. Long before my move to WordPress (and hence this blog), I had another blog entitled Straight from the Shoulder for several years and while I received lots of accolades for my straight talk, I also had people telling me to avoid topics that will make ohers uncomfortable.

The late Lee Kuan Yew comes to mind when the topic of straight talk comes up. Here are some of his notorious sayings:

“I have never been over concerned or obsessed with opinion polls or popularity polls. I think a leader who is, is a weak leader. If you are concerned with whether your rating will go up or down, then you are not a leader. You are just catching the wind…you will go where the wind is blowing. And that’s not what I am in this for.”

“Anybody who decides to take me on needs to put on knuckle-dusters. If you think you can hurt me more than I can hurt you, try.”

“If you are a troublemaker…it’s our job to politically destroy you. Everybody knows that in my bag I have a hatchet, and a very sharp one. You take me on, I take my hatchet, we meet in the cul-de-sac.”

I’m sure Lee’s words caused a lot of discomfort to a lot of people but responsible leaders are derelict in their duties when they sugar-coat truths and only tell nice stories appealing to populist sentiments.

Even in our places of worship, it is the onus of religious leaders to remind those they are shepherding that the Almighty is not all about grace and forgiveness, that the god of all religions is not saccharin-sweet goody two-shoes but is also a god of wrath who will not hesitate to strike sinners dead, as the holy scriptures have more than adequately documented.

Writing this, I am reminded of China and its decision to ignore the recent ruling by the Arbitral Tribunal constituted under Article 287, Annex VII of UNCLOS, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

A couple of years ago, the Philippines filed for arbitration against China for infringing on its territories and the country has just scored a historic legal victory against China. 

In the past few years,  China has rattled most of its neighbors by claiming “historic rights” (a baseless concept based on pre-modern historiography) over much of adjacent waters such as the South China Sea.

But, in fact, as the arbitration court in The Hague makes it clear, China has violated the rights of countries such as the Philippines to exploit natural resources within their Exclusive Economic Zone, a sea zone prescribed by UNCLOS over which a state has special rights regarding the exploration and use of marine resources, including energy production from water and wind.  

However, China has boycotted the entire proceedings and has refused to acknowledge the court’s jurisdiction. It fact, it has said it neither accepts nor honors the ruling by the tribunal. It calls it a kangaroo court with no legitimacy. Audaciously, China and its sycophantic supporters reiterate that the arbitration is unlawful. It says that the arbitration violates certain clauses of UNCLOS. It also claims that the Philippines has previously agreed to resolve disputes through bilateral agreements, but has broken its promises and since the country has broken both laws and promises, China says the arbitration is therefore illegal. 

China’s propaganda machine went into overdrive and those besotted with it as well as all the “experts” and supporters on its side (ie in its pocket) continue to say the “right” things to support its stand. Moreover, people blinded by their own narrow world views are unable to see the truth. If you have an axe to grind against the Americans or the Japanese or the Philippines, then China can do no wrong.

I am no lawyer but in my view, China is wrong! Not just wrong, but very very wrong! It is wrong in principle, in moral, and in every aspect of justice! In principle, because it is signatory to the UNCLOS. China signed the UNCLOS in 1982 and ratified it in 1996. When it ratified the Law of the Sea Convention, it agreed to all of the provisions of the Convention. 

In short, China technically consented to undergo arbitration by signing the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, yet refuses to accept its ruling. It is utter shamelessness to disregard something you have agreed upon with others!

Under the legal principle of Estoppel, you must not disagree later with things you have previously agreed and signed! Estoppel is a collective name given to a group of legal doctrines in common law legal systems whereby a person is prevented from making assertions that are contradictory to their prior position on certain matters before the court. In other words, the principle which precludes a person from asserting something contrary to what is implied by a previous action or statement of that person or by a previous pertinent judicial determination.

Long story short, you cannot pick and choose – you abide totally or you don’t at all. You cannot cherry-pick!

So when it comes to religious leaders, in my mind, there can be no greater sin than for religious leaders to present a lopsided theology of their faiths and when they avoid straight talk and preach only peachy feel-good homilies so as to be popular among worshipers, they do their congregations a great disservice. You don’t do anyone favors by avoiding blunt truth. I am no theologian, just a rank amateur, but any retard will know that religious leaders trying to win popularity contests are just frauds “playing church” and I take comfort that the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God is not mocked.

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Mind Fuck; Come Get It!


A friend was given an impossible KPI, which he surpassed by several hundred percent.

Instead of rewarding him, his company found ways not to compensate him for what was rightfully due to him in commission payments. It tried ways and means to claw back his earnings. It continued draining blow after blow upon him, even when he was down.

He asked me for advice, so I gave him some tips. 

There are many arrows in my quiver and one pointer I shared with my friend was this: “If someone is screwing you, go above them. When they get wind of the fact that people more powerful and influential than them have been notified, they will shit bricks. This will shift their attention from battling against you to protecting themselves from someone else. They will live the rest of their miserable lives watching their backs.”

Remember, The Art of War was written by Sun Tzu, a Chinese, several centuries before Christ, and I teach it at five different universities, in addition to my class on Machiavellianism.

Sun Tzu sees war not so much as a matter of destroying the enemy materially and physically (although that too play a role), but of unsettling the enemy psychologically; his goal is to force the enemy’s leadership and society from a condition of harmony, in which they can resist effectively, toward one of chaos (“luan”), which is tantamount to defeat.

If your mind is “luan” all the time, you are screwed.

Every which way.

Sun Tzu, the original mind-fucker.

Finally, a word to those political animals who jerk us around: Do we look that stupid or what? Don’t forget, we Chinese kids have been taught Sun Tzu since elementary school.

And one more thing, those who can’t afford to lose should not play politics. Because when you lose, you lose everything, and I mean, everything!

And Sun Tzu masters never lose.

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I Need Schooling on Feelings


Decades ago, my uncle had a thriving business until an apprentice went down the road and opened a similar business. He even appropriated the company name and added a “xin” prefix to the name. “Xin” means “new” in Chinese. Usurped!

It’s like a waiter at MacDonald’s opening a burger joint down the road and naming it “New MacDonald’s.” What a shameless usurper!

On Saturday, I wondered how US Olympics swimmer Michael Phelps felt when the school boy from Singapore, Joseph Schooling, who used to idol-worship him, beat him to win a gold at Rio eight years later. It was Singapore’s first-ever Olympic gold medal.

If I run a char kway teow stall and my stall assistant goes and nab a certificate saying he is now also a char kway teow master, how would I feel?

How would I feel if I were a masterchef teaching people to cook, and a kitchen help suddenly shows up with a certificate saying he too is now not only a teacher, but a “certified” one, with a piece of paper to prove it?

Indeed how would I feel if I were a kung fu master and a helper would one day show up brandishing a certificate showing me he too is now a martial arts coach?

Michael Phelps, ever the gentlemanly sportsman, had very complimentary and nice things to say to Joseph Schooling. 

The media interviews following his epic triumph showed Joseph Schooling to be a very well-bred, humble and gracious sportsman as well, despite his rather annoying accent. (I have lived and worked in the States far longer than he has, and I didn’t pick up any phony accent.)

But I am Lohcifer, I am not Michael Phelps or Joseph Schooling and I am not magnanimous. And I don’t think too highly of people who steal my thunder. So Mr Phelps and Mr Schooling, please school me on how to feel and what to say!

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A Bamboo Pipe from Taiwan


Another gift from David of Taiwan, accompanied by six kilos of highly priced karasumi and two cases of the best Taiwanese kaoliang.

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Thoughts on Our 51st


Yesterday was National Day, our 51st.

For me it was a time for reflection.

What has our beloved country done to us?

It has dropped us like a hot potato the moment we turned 40; preferring to hire young punks who think they know it all – but who would crumble at the slightest pressure – at a fraction of what it would cost to keep us on the payroll.

As we age, it tells us to lower our expectations and to switch careers – from manager to janitor, from secretary to hotel housekeeping crew member – at less than half our previous salary.

It hires foreigners when many of us are able to do the job, and do it way better; it seems easily swayed by articulate, smooth-talking “foreign talents” who excel in self promotion and who can’t always deliver.

It seems to treat outsiders better, and the rest of us citizens like doormats.

It ignores the poor and the disadvantaged by convincing itself that all that can be done to help the population at the bottom of the pyramid have been done, that it is our very own fault if we are still in deep shit.

It believes that old people collecting scraps and garbage for sale at a pittance do so because they want to get some physical exercise.

Its priority seems to be to ensure that ass kissers and apple polishers, after their stint as top dogs in the armed forces, get parachuted into CEO jobs for which they have zero qualification and experience.

It gives a millionaire minister a bypass that costs only eight bucks while the rest of us lament that it’s cheaper to die than to get sick.

It makes the disgruntled and the weak-willed flee to third-rate countries and get treated like dirt by the ang mohs there.

It has pitted us against one another as it focuses on elitism and meritocracy; it has reduced us to competitive animals, reflected – among other behaviors – in the inconsiderate way we drive, and – listen! – even in our places of worship, religious leaders play politics. (These diabolical bloodsucking swindlers and scammers who suffer from mental constipation and verbal diarrhea ought to comport themselves with a certain degree of decorum instead of engaging in one-upmanship!)

For sure, Singapore has done right by many, and there is much to be thankful for. For comparison, just look at our neighboring countries, kleptocracies where common thieves, buffoons and thugs rule the roost. Or turn to the west where Europe, despite its rich history and culture, is in a sorry mess and to the US of A, where out of a population of over 300 million people, the best they could produce is a Hillary Clinton and a Donald Trump as presidential candidates – both big-time con artists and barefaced liars, personification of greed and evil.

But one other – random – thought before I hit the bottle: many people say “I’m proud to be Singaporean” so my question to those who make this rather meaningless bullshit declaration is “What have you done for this country? Does the mere fact that you were born here makes you feel proud? If you were born in Venezuela, would you be proud to be Venezuelan?”

Indeed, what price progress?

Is the loss of your soul worth it?

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Political Correctness Gone Mad


Kevin Roberts, the chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, quit after sparking uproar by saying a lack of women in high-powered jobs in advertising was not a problem and that some women lacked the “vertical ambition” to make it to the top.

In an interview with a website, Roberts said some women at key junctures in their careers did not want to lead businesses and people, and that managers should reflect on how to deal with the ambitions of female and male employees who “simply want to be happy and do great work”.

In the interview, Roberts appeared to argue that “idiotic dinosaur-like men” were trying to make women conform to Darwinian urges to acquire wealth, power, and fame.

“Their ambition is not a vertical ambition, it’s this intrinsic, circular ambition to be happy,” Roberts was quoted as saying.

For that Roberts lost his job.

Someone claimed that what Roberts meant by “vertical ambition” was that women had “horizontal ambition” instead, ie, preferring to rise in their career through granting sexual favors.

I doubt that’s what he meant though. Of course if you have something against someone, you will always be able to find reasons to attack him. I believe what he meant was that women don’t always seek upwards career movement and progression. That’s why he referred to “an intrinsic, circular motivation.”

Indeed I have met many bright and capable professionals – men and women alike – who do a great job but have no wish to climb the corporate ladder; they are happy in their current positions and some even decline promotions. They are not shirking responsibilities or anything like that, they just have their own personal reasons why they rather stay happy and do great work where they are.

And I think Roberts is entitled to his opinion and to voice his opinions and people shouldn’t be so hypersensitive and try to be be overly politically correct.

Common sense and good judgment must prevail.

People should just try to be correct, not politically correct.

“Politically correct” is often a term used by whiney-assed pussies who need shit sugar-coated.

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Garmen Bin Kooning

World's most expensive bin center.

World’s most expensive bin center.

Inadequate controls and weak governance seem to be very fashionable these days.

The Ministry of Education has revealed that it lost S$7.16 million, as of June 2015, to students who default on their education loan. The sum cannot be claimed back because the defaulters and their guarantor are foreigners.

The Education Ministry is currently stuck with S$511.49 million of outstanding education loans, and 1.4% (those S$7.16 million) are considered “unrecoverable.” Statistically, the amount seems small – 1.4% – but it’s still S$7.16 million!

Meanwhile National Arts Council had paid a consultancy fee of S$410,000/- for the construction of a bin center costing S$470,000/-. “There was inadequate assessment on the reasonableness of the exceptionally high consultancy fee, at 87.2% of the cost of construction,” the Auditor-General’s office commented.

And if I forget to pay a 30-dollar utilities bill, electricity supply to my house will be cut.

Fantastic country this. Looks like the government’s been sleeping.

No wonder those who can’t hack it flee to some third-rate angmoh country nearby and try to convince everyone – themselves especially – that they are very happy being treated as second-class humans by the whites.

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Insulted? Quick! Run Crying to Nanny! Ask for a Ban!

Overgrown baby who can't take a joke.

Overgrown baby who can’t take a joke.

You are 51 years old, and when you feel the slightest hint of being insulted, would you run to your daddy and mummy and nanny like a whining baby and demand that the person who disrespected you to be barred from your house?

Now, that’s ridiculous, you say, no 51-year-old of sound mind would do that.

But that’s what we just did – Singapore’s National University has banned all freshman orientation activities.

The boisterous horseplay often associated with freshman orientation in universities and institutions of higher learning as well as in many different types of social groups, including sports teams, military units, and fraternities and sororities, is part and parcel of campus life and while sex-oriented and risqué activities are not authorized and should not be carried out, a blanket ban on all orientation activities is yet another knee-jerk reaction by the powers that be.

And what is so bad about dunking? Lest anyone thinks this is derogatory, you should have been in National Service during my time. We suffered atrocities far worse than being thrown into the pool! Moreover, when I became a father, when I was appointed chairman of senior management, when I scored a hole in one, when in 2006 I paid US$1500/- to enjoy one of the first Cohiba Behikes ever made and when I missed SilkAir Flight 185, and didn’t die in an air crash, I was dunked and I took it in stride.

It has been a habit of many Singaporeans to quickly call on the authorities to ban whatever they deem “undesirable” but does such a mindset make us a better nation? Hazing – and dunking – is already outlawed, therefore, in this case, perhaps questions should be asked as to the reasons why risque and crude activities are still being carried out so that pertinent issues can be addressed at its root. A draconian crackdown is a solution that overlooks root causes. Calls for a blanket ban also disregard the fact that university students are young adults who need to be empowered to make their own decisions. Let’s stop making the strawberry generation (nice to look at but easily bruised) any worse.

Fun and games go a long way to fostering bonding and breaks the ice for freshmen as they embark on university education to prepare them for life. I am not condoning activities that are sexual in nature or those that may be detrimental to racial and religious harmony but Singaporeans must not lose their sense of humor. A nation that can laugh at itself instead of invoking bans for the slightest reason is a mature nation that will go far. At tough times, a sense of humor can even carry us through. One shouldn’t be crying like a baby at the remotest hint of being slighted or insulted. And even if the insult is real, one should develop enough balls to confront the culprit directly instead of hiding behind mummy’s skirt and conning others to do one’s bidding by behaving like such an aggrieved victim.

In the US, Singapore Prime Minister told President Obama that Singapore has named an orchid hybrid in honor of President and Mrs Obama. Prime Minister Lee’s toast to the presidential couple came with a quip about the conspiracy theories in the US that claim President Obama was actually born in Kenya.

“This is a hybrid of breeds native to Singapore and Hawaii, where the President was born, most of us believe,” said Lee to laughter from the dinner guests.

That President Obama did not whinge like an infant or waste time complaining about the joke is a sign of his maturity as a person, his sense of security and his self worth. Obama is certainly a man cut from a different cloth, so unlike some of the parasitic whiners and cry babies I’ve encountered who have never done an honest day’s work in their lives. (No wonder they suffer from such low self esteem!)

And buttinskies who get offended for other conniving retards are the biggest assholes of all. If it’s not your problem, busybodies, butt the crap out. What? You are just watching out for them? They can’t be trusted to protect their own interests? Do you enjoy being “offenderatti by proxy”?

Singapore is 51 years old already, let’s act our age, unless we want a nanny state to babysit us from cradle to grave.

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Beware Smiling Tigers

Minions will help the evil with the stabbing.

Minions will help the evil with the stabbing.

You can never trust politicians.

In taking up the transport minister’s post, Khaw Boon Wan said “I believe in raising Singaporeans’ quality of life further in a city where public transport is so convenient, accessible and reliable, much like public utilities, and that Singapore can be car-lite.”

Yup, we can all see that’s he’s working hard on it.

All I can say is I may have been born at night, but not last night.

For sure, the minions are now all talking about “car-lite” with hordes of civil servants and transport ministry apple-polishers and ass-kissers promoting the “car-lite” idea with nary a thought given to other vital considerations.

For Pete’s sake, allowing retards to carry bicycles into SMRT trains or allowing cyclists to share footpaths with pedestrians is NOT making Singapore “car-lite.” If that’s a strategy by the overpaid scholars in our midst to make Singapore “car-lite” then sorry, Singaporeans, we’re in for the rough ride indeed. (Pardon the pun.)

And meantime in the greatest country on earth, peopled by the smartest human beings on earth, an election campaign provides much entertainment as well as invaluable lessons.

Bitter rivals in the last election, Obama now says that there is no one better than Hillary to lead America, not himself, not even Bill Clinton and they hugged that hug that looks almost post-coital in nature.

You may say that Obama was being sporting, as sporting as Bernie Sanders now endorsing Hillary, but come on, kids, grow up; it’s all politics, where words mean absolutely nothing.

So the next time somebody says nice things to you please watch out because the same person could be stabbing you in the back the next available moment. Stab you with a big knife, while hiding behind a façade of being a real nice guy. Yes, the smiling tiger. Everyone knows what smiling tigers are all about, that is, unless you’ve been living under a rock.

I know, I was just blindsided.

In the most unlikely of places, I must add.

One day, all will be revealed – yes, and I mean ALL, complete details with full names, rank and serial numbers (as they say in the movies) – in my memoir.

Wait for it.

It’s a promise, not a threat.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

A smile in front and a knife in the back, I was brutally and mercilessly stabbed. The end result? I was robbed of a mega-million dollar project.

Money stolen is one thing but some nitwits apparently thought that they can gang-bang me and get away with it.

Siddhartha said “I can wait, I can fast and I can think.”

So can I.

Though for now, I have to mentally overcome the betrayal first.

Lessons learned.

What I learned propels me onto stuff that truly matters.

Yes, I’ll leave the parasitic fortune-cookie-quoting muttonheads to their asininity and their sloppy games.

They have plummeted to new lows even by their own standards.

They have to know that if they want to take me on, they MUST kill me. There isn’t any quit in me.

Finally may they relish their journey down the road to perdition.

May they have a great afterlife!


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