Cut the Crap!

A senior VP of a Japanese company shared online that:

Nobody (customers) cares if it spills over a bit like this picture in Singapore.

People may get angry if it is served like this in Japan.

It is a difference on culture of service industry. But it is more like the difference of expectation of services.

A service level depends on an expectation of service level by people.

Services in Japan are often said that it is the best service/hospitality. But it means higher pressures to do better services behind the scenes.

I feel like this has pros and cons.

By the way, I am totally fine with this spilled over tea.

This is not the post to complain. I love this shop a lot and having tea almost every day. Here I am just sharing different views by different cultures.

I am Japanese living in Singapore over 3.5 years, posting mainly culture gap related topics.

But as always, no matter what you post, there’ll be a smartass who responds.

Here is a response from one:

I think there has been a misunderstanding about this practice of filling a coffee cup until it spills into the saucer.

In fact, in the old days at many Chinese coffee shops in Malaysia and Singapore, the cup would not be filled with coffee or tea until only a little was spilt into the saucer like in the photo; rather, the cup would actually overflow so much that the saucer would also be filled almost to the brim. Back then, people usually drank their coffee or tea from the saucer.

This wasn’t a symptom of carelessness, but rather a sign of generosity. It’s somewhat similar to the Japanese practice of filling a cup with Nihonshu (sake) until it overflows and fills the lacquered box holding the Nihonshu cup with the alcohol.

Lohcifer’s comments:

Right from day one, anyone pouring coffee or tea into the saucer to drink from is considered a retard. It is OK only if it’s done for a child or a spastic.

The Japanese practice of filling a cup with sake until it overflows has nothing to do with this.

A little knowledge is not only a dangerous thing, it makes you look like a world-class moron.

Spilling coffee or tea into the saucer is not a sign of any bullshit generosity – it’s sloppiness and a total disregard of aesthetics and the concept of customer service.

I lament the tragic fact that morons reproduce.

They walk among us.

They proliferate and populate.

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Do you really need to be an asshole?

In the movie Downsizing, a character by the name of Dusan Mirkovic said “Friends tell friends the truth. Okay, maybe sometimes I’m a little bit asshole, but the world needs assholes. Otherwise where would shit go out?”

Well, that’s some advice.

But it’s good to know that if someone treats you like shit, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not you.

Normal people don’t go around destroying other human beings by putting them down or by being rude to them.

That said, you should not misconstrue honest feedback intended to make you a better person as an attack on you.

Constructive feedback has nothing to do with someone trying to “destroy” you.

Know the difference!

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Known Known

Another retard named “Donald.”

Donald Rumsfeld croaked in June.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The orange Donald is plain stupid; this Donald was evil incarnate.

Two notable Rumsfeld vomita:

“Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know.”

“We also know there are known unknowns – that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

Bet he’s having a great time in hell now stuttering with his tongue twisters.

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Yesterday – People Can’t Change

Despite a well-deserved lecture just the night before, a bowl of noodle was ordered at lunch and huge dollops of fried pork lard bits slathered on top.

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Retarded Dick

My secondary school teacher Thomas Khng was a big believer of conspiracy theories.

“Do you know that Singapore is a very active listening post?” he would ask our class, sotto voce.

He also claimed that all the tertiary institutions and research institutes are “hotbeds of spies, nests of spies.”

“Don’t you believe for a moment that all those lecturers are academics!” he would bellow.

And he also said, “No countries have spies. They all have ‘intelligence officers’ and the smart spies are those who never get caught.”

Judging by Mr Khng’s standards, Dickson Yeo must be a real dumbass.

The Singaporean spied for China and was jailed by the United States for 14 months. Upon completion of his sentence, he was deported back to Singapore where he was promptly arrested by the authorities here. (He had also supplied info on Singapore to the Chinks. He was recruited by intelligence services via various means, including through – believe it or not – LinkedIn invitations to connect.)

All that he did while being a PhD candidate and for a PhD candidate he wasn’t that smart. Says a lot about the institution that granted him PhD candidature, doesn’t it? Don’t you fucking vet your students? Mental midgets all!

He is now a guest of the Singapore government and the tax money me and other tax payers have paid are enabling him to be housed and fed.

What a dick!

And a fucking retarded one at that.

The Dick is no James Bond.

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Today – A Wedding in the Family

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5-Star Review for whYZee Cakes? No Way!

Went online to a site calling itself “Best Cake Delivery in Singapore” and ordered a triple chocolate fudge drip cake that cost about 130 bucks. It was meant for a friend’s birthday, to be delivered a week later. Upon confirmation of order, the automated reply stated delivery time as 3-6pm. I didn’t have a choice of timing. However, I added a note saying “please try to deliver at 4pm.” 3-6pm was too large a window and was totally unacceptable.

Well, as expected nothing happened at 4pm on the day of the delivery. Went to their site and the only number was a WhatsApp number with an automated reply saying response will be in a couple of hours.

What the fuck!

Thankfully, it didn’t take long but the retard responding said “But you opted for delivery from 3-6pm what” or words to that effect. Argumentative eh? Hostile eh?

Long story short, the cake came finally (at about 5pm) – hard and dry – and honestly, my eight-year-old granddaughter could have baked a better cake. A Sara Lee cake costing five bucks would have tasted better.

And one day later, the company had the gall to send me this email:

Like us? Get a $7 voucher off your next order with these steps below!

  1. Leave us a 5-Star Google Review!
  2. Send us a Screenshot!

Take a screenshot of your review and Whatsapp us at 9773 2434.

  1. Get a $7 Code off your next Order!

Receive a one-time $7 Discount Code off your next order, as simple as that!

So the next time you respond to fancy ads by people calling themselves the best this and that, kick yourself in the butt as I just did, and the next time you see 5-star reviews, don’t believe any of that.

5-star reviews are submitted by idiots who are greedy for free $7 vouchers, so they can buy some more crappy cakes.

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Today – Mid-Autumn Festival

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Have You Walked Your Food Yet?

Crabwalk on the broadwalk.

Must be the pandemic making people do strange things.

Owner of House of Seafood, Francis Ng, believes that taking his crabs out for a walk is good for his customers.

In June, he mentioned how he loves his crabs “the same way that everyone loves their pets” and “to make sure our crabs are really meaty that can satisfy every of our food patrons, we would bring them out strolling along the breezy Punggol Beach, just to get enough exercises.”

I showed the news to my buddy in Tasmania and his response?

“What can one say? Walking your crab one day, exercising your fleas the next by letting them jump around in the park…And as always social media dishes up the usual tripe!”

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No Ma’am, I Don’t Want to Suck Anything

This shit looks good!

There is something about Chinese restaurants that makes me uncomfortable.

First of all, the staff usually stand around near your table to see you eat. I guess the idea is that they are standing by to render assistance if needed, but obviously they haven’t heard of the concept of the “invisible waiter” – good service staff whose presence is not intrusive and your personal space is not invaded. Worse, as they stand around, they chat among themselves, discussing their gynecological problems. Eating, like gynecological problems, are bodily functions, and I’m not comfortable having people standing around me staring at me eat.

Secondly, I’ve learned never to ask for recommendations – “everything is good” they will say. And they don’t even know how to name the dishes – I’ve been asked if I wanted to “suck fin” or if I would like the “bonus duck” (shark fin and boneless duck) and wait for this – I was once asked if I wanted to order the “pig intention” (intestine). Nope, zero intention to suck anything, ma’am. And I once said yes to the bonus duck, thinking that it was a duck dish given free as a bonus. Fuck, it cost me a bomb!

Thirdly, they don’t seem to know how to serve – food comes in the wrong order, soup comes before the hors d’oeuvres, the dishes arrive too fast, in rapid succession, staff doesn’t know how to serve from the left using their left arm and retrieve used plates and bowls from the right. They are all over the place, in close proximity to you physically, forcing you to smell their armpits.

Finally, even before you have finished eating, they are rushing you to order dessert. And they always recommend the most expensive item.

Without exception, this happens in almost every Chinese restaurant I’ve been to all over the world, even the really high-end award-winning ones.

Don’t they train these retards?

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