Prawn Noodles with Pig Tail

Surf and turf?

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The best satay sellers will provide a sauce that includes a dash of pineapple puree..

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I lack the expertise to discuss guns or American politics in detail, but let me be crystal clear: no one, regardless of their political affiliation or role, deserves to be assassinated. Such heinous and abhorrent acts of violence are entirely unacceptable and fundamentally erode the core values of a civilized society.

Trust me, self-declared experts will have a field day with the attempted assassination of Trump, throwing accusations, hatching conspiracy theories, and jokers will be flooding the internet with memes. Some people will even exploit it for political gain, as the tweet above shows. Others will have their own machinations to profit from the shooting – within hours Chinese e-commerce sites were already selling t-shirts imprinted with pictures of a bleeding Trump.

It’s a pathetic world we live in.

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Giant Sri Lankan Crab Claw

That’s the best part! But I hardly get to savor this because this is the part I serve to guests.

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Chicken Stew

Nothing as easy to cook as this!

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Claypot Rice

When done right, it’s orgasm in the mouth!

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Typhoon in a Teacup

Oh shit, an artist decided to jazz up Chinatown with a mural of a Samsui woman puffing on a cigarette. You know, those Samsui women who used to break their backs carrying bricks in construction? Yeah, those ones. But smoking? How can lah?!

Predictably, the self-appointed sanctimonious guardians of morality got all their panties twisted and threw a hissy fit. Apparently, our cigarette-smoking lady looks too much like a prostitute for their delicate sensibilities. (I’d love to know where they’re getting their prostitute-spotting expertise from.) And if that wasn’t enough, the smoking itself had them clutching their pearls. Smoking? In public art? Quick, someone call the Pope!

Of course, the usual chorus of outraged voices joined in, making grand statements. One organization even said “This artistic choice may inadvertently perpetuate a male gaze that exoticizes female subjects, which could detract from a true appreciation of their contributions.”


The authorities, in full election-year panic mode, decided they had to investigate, giving Singaporeans something new to gossip about over their char kway teow and Tiger beer.

Yes, we get it, smoking is the devil. There’s a whole industry dedicated to vilifying tobacco. Meanwhile, the WHO just reminded us that alcohol is still wreaking havoc on global health, causing 2.6 million deaths in 2019 alone. But hey, alcohol ads are everywhere, and the local papers even have a weekly alcohol feature. Because apparently, turning cars into lethal weapons after a few drinks is less scandalous than a puff on a cigarette.

But sure, let’s keep wringing our hands over a mural while ignoring the real killers. Makes perfect sense.

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Steamed Fish Head

Asian Bighead Carp, also known as “Songhe.”

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Why I Should Be Even More Wary Right Now

The long arms of the government have now reached even social media influencers.

Other than acting and hosting, Desmond Koh sells stuff on Shopee via livestreams; now he’s also a social media influencer who got to take a photo with Singapore’s newly-minted Prime Minister.

Early this month, the ruling People’s Action Party hosted a gathering for people like Koh and other content creators, many of whom have thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok. Social media was soon flooded with images of influencers posing with politicians. This raised questions among critics about whether the influencers were compensated for their attendance and posts. A Hong Kong newspaper even ran an article on June 14th with the headline “Singapore’s influencers rub shoulders with Lawrence Wong, PAP members – is it a ‘sell-out’?”

Whether the influencers were paid or not is beside the point. Content creation is fundamentally a profit-driven business. It’s rare to find a blog or Instagram account that isn’t compensated for promoting a restaurant or product. Instagram is even rife with ads selling fake Rolexes and fake doctorate degrees. (Many influencers are also willing to promote for free simply to gain more notoriety?)

What worries me is the government’s relentless effort to infiltrate every segment of society to garner support. They need votes, so it’s understandable. However, this means that every message we see is potentially biased, crafted to favor the government. Each piece of content becomes a tool to influence us.

This is why my trust in the government has eroded further. The mainstream media already aligns closely with the government’s stance, and now the government is attempting to dominate social media as well. Once they gain a foothold, control follows. In fact, gaining dominance is already a form of control.

In many countries, politicians employ teams of spin doctors and propagandists to manage their social media presence, crafting every message to perfection. This practice is pervasive and insidious. That the government’s reach now extends to social media influencers is a point worth taking note of, particularly in a country like Singapore, where internet penetration is over 95% and about 85% of the population are social media users.

Singaporeans, regardless of age, appear to be chronically online. We stare at our phones even when walking and eating. It’s no surprise that politicians want to conquer social media. Soon, dissenting voices will become even scarcer as people start conforming to the behaviors of their peers, a phenomenon known as herd mentality. It makes lemmings seem like independent thinkers.

One of the greatest challenges in life is being yourself in a world that’s trying to make you like everyone else.

Solution? Question everything!

By internalizing a questioning mindset, you will sharpen your ability to discern, ultimately enhancing your chances of success.

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Confrerie du Sabre d’Or Singapore Grand Chapitre Last Night

More than 100 participants attended this year’s Confrerie du Sabre d’Or Singapore Grand Chapitre last night; it was a great black-tie event and everyone partied till the wee hours. We lost count of the number of bottles of champagne we savored!

Having said that, this will probably be the last time I’ll be blogging about this subject as some readers are already finding such posts boring and somewhat repetitive.

The evening featured the 2024 Grand Intronization by
Jean-Claude Jalloux
Grand Maître Master
The Grand Council of the Confrérie du Sabre d’Or

accompanied by
Heinrich Widler
Gouverneur Asia Pacifique, Grand Commandeur Confrérie du Sabre d’Or

The event also incorporated the 2024 Ceremonial Induction
New Sabreur Members
Promotions to Chevaliers and Officiers
& a New Caveau

Here’s what we were served:

2013 Prestige des Sacres Cuvée Grenat Brut Millesime

Cold Angel Hair with Truffles Lobster Au Caviar
Paired with Pommery Brut Royal.

Seared Hokkaido Scallops, Green Asparagus,
Roma Tomato Salsa and Basil Oil
Paired with Pommery Royal Blue Sky.

Lobster Bisque
Paired with Pommery Brut Royal Rosé.

Tournedos Rossini
Beef Tenderloin topped with Seared Foie Gras, Parsnip Puree
Fresh Broccolini, Natural Jus, Sea Salt
Paired with Pommery Cuvée Louise 2005.

Cod Fish was the other option
Seared Cod Fish Fillet with Tarragon, Truffle Rissotto
Served with Bouillabaisse Foam, Seasonal Vegetable
Paired with Pommery Cuvée Louise 2005.

Choco Noir
Valirhona 70% Chocolate Créme,
Inaya 65% insert Almond Joconde.

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