Ignore Us at Your Own Peril

Not long ago there was a press report about some HR managers who won’t even look at the CVs of those who are above 40 years old. In the same report, the managing director of a recruitment firm was quoted saying that he and his clients won’t even look at the CVs of those above 30.

How stupid can some people get?

Look, you can hire some young, enthusiastic, energetic wet-behind-the-ear fresh graduate who’ll bust his sweet tender ass for you but he is likely to jump ship at the first sign of trouble.

Older workers come with years of experience, are wiser, are less likely to panic, and are more loyal.

So you gonna hire babies or baby boomers?

BF Skinner said people learn by suffering the consequences of their actions.

Too bad not many people see it that way.

This makes it especially tough for baby boomers who are unemployed.

Recently, Resorts World at Sentosa received 20,000 applications for just 800 jobs.

Jobless baby boomers, many of whom still in the prime of their lives are confronting the grim reality that they face some of the steepest odds of any job seekers in this dismal economy.

Older workers who have lost their jobs have a much harder time finding work again than younger job-seekers do.

Even when they finally land jobs, they typically experience a much steeper drop in earnings than their younger counterparts.

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