AWARE caught Unawares

The Association of Women for Action and Research or AWARE, founded in 1985, claims to be Singapore’s leading advocacy group dedicated to promoting gender equality.

Plastered all over its website is the tagline “Be Confident. Be Bold. Be Aware”.

Well, it was caught with its knickers down during its AGM on March 28.

What happened?

Long story short, a group of new blood won the election, by a landslide victory, over a group of veterans.

The old guard – the likes of Constance Singam and Margaret Thomas – had the rug pulled right from under their feet, rather unexpectedly.

Quite simply, they were usurped.

It was a coup.

Bet they didn’t know what hit them.

But they’re fighting back.

Some 150 longstanding members have called for an EOGM that may include a motion of no-confidence in the new Exco.

Oh aunties puhleese stop the caterwauling and the cat fights already.

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