He Loved and was Loved

Varin, Khun Surin's son.

Varin, Khun Surin's son.

Yesterday was the last day of funeral rites for Khun Surin Charnyapornpong. Here is the eulogy by his only child Varin:

Dear colleagues and friends of Mr Surin,

I hereby offer you a heartfelt “thank you” for your condolences on the passing away of my father, Mr Surin Charnyapornpong, on April 10, 2009.

Mr Surin was a wonderful father to me and an invaluable friend to his many companions. His strength of will and intellect inspires us. Despite his many achievements, he remained a humble and modest man who befriended every life he touched.

Father lived his life to the fullest. He was an excellent example of a worker who always gave his best in every task he set his mind to. In addition to his illustrious career at IBM Thailand, he traveled extensively and experienced all that the world has to offer. He took his family and friends to many distant and beautiful lands and we shared so many beautiful memories together. He brimmed with a great love for life. Those fond memories will always bring smiles to our souls and courage to our hearts.

I remember how he always cared for his friends, old and new. He often went out of the way during his holidays to visit friends to reminisce about the good old days together. He would wholeheartedly help any friend in need to the best of his ability. Though a man with few words, he won hearts by his sincere and merry nature, and won recognition for his profound intelligence.

A man with a great love for life, Father always finds reasons to laugh, an opportunity in a crisis, a solution to a problem, a quality to love in a person. He proved to be a jolly good  fellow to his many companions and a helpful mentor to his colleagues. He loved and was loved by people all over the world. He brought smiles to the faces of friends and strangers alike.

I believe my father has achieved the noblest goals of man, to live meaningfully, to love deeply and to help create a better future.

On behalf of my father, I wish you a happy and productive life and success in all your future endeavors. May his wisdom inspire and guide us into the future.

Remember his smile.

– Varin Charnyapornpong


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