Goodbye, Tong Hai

I haven’t reached the age when I have to organize my social life around obituary ads but in the last couple of years quite a few of my friends and acquaintances have passed on.

Last year it was Dr Seow Li Jin and a friend from my Rotary Club, the indefatigable Anthony Lim.

This year the wife of Alex Siow, the Worshipful Master of my Lodge, succumbed to illness.

Then on April 10, Surin Charnyapornpong was called home too.

Yesterday, when I was reading the papers I saw the obit of an old friend, Sng Tong Hai.

I just bumped into Tong Hai late last year along Orchard Road, he looked perfectly healthy.

Tong Hai passed away on April 26; he was 66.

He left behind his wife Theresa who was my ex-colleague and a daughter as well as a son.

Goodbye, dear Tong Hai.



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