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Kong Kong, Johor

This is a picture of that “Holland crab” we ate at Kong Kong. It was packed with roe. Huh? Kong what? Kong where? You heard right – Kong Kong, a very little-known sleepy hollow – minus Johnny Depp – on … Continue reading

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You Call that Art?

In a recent press interview Singapore artist Thomas Yeo admitted that he feels distanced from “contemporary disciplines” such as video and installation art. He said “The problem today is that if you can’t paint, you do abstract art. Or if … Continue reading

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Proud to be Singaporean?

Are you proud to be Singaporean? Why? Shouldn’t you just be proud of actual accomplishments? Is being Singaporean a skill? What have you done for Singapore? I can never understand it when people say “I’m proud to be Singaporean.” What … Continue reading

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Talk is Cheap

Statement One: “Wait for me sweetheart, I’ll call.” Statement Two: “Hon, I thought of going to the New Zealand International Arts Festival, but I wanted to check with you first.” Innocent sounding statements. Or are they? It was easy to … Continue reading

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Dead from Hospital Food

Go to Singapore General Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital and you’ll not only see patients in wheelchairs eating at the Kopitiam-operated food courts, you’ll also notice that some tables have been set aside for them, with special stickers affixed. … Continue reading

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Suicide in Singapore

Old year, and then a new year, It feels the same here, to me. I ache, and I cry, And in many a sideway glance I try, As if perchance, by slightest chance, To catch a glimpse, however brief, Of … Continue reading

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The Mas Selamat Lotion

Can you imagine this? No more hoodie and balaclava! A dab of some magic lotion and you become invisible! James Ferguson, writing in a recent issue of How To Spend It, mentioned the Barrington’s SMUJ Anti-CCTV lotion, which will render … Continue reading

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Loudmouths at Restaurants

Time: 5:30pm one recent afternoon Place: The Canteen, by Les Amis I was there with a friend because we both wanted a quick bite. Mid-way through ordering we asked to be seated at another table. The retard two tables away … Continue reading

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What is Sexy?

What is sexy? Having sexual appeal; suggestive of sex? Well, that’s the dictionary definition. But “sexy” can mean anything. Some religious extremists consider the sound made by women’s high heels “sexy”. Last year, women in a northern Malaysian city ruled … Continue reading

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A Broken Life

I stumbled upon a great movie the other day – A Broken Life, a Canadian independent drama film directed by Neil Coombs and produced by Caged Angel Films. The film was released on September 23, 2008 in the USA. If … Continue reading

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