Too Old to be a Toy Boy

Singapore has some 16,000 women millionaires worth an average of US$4.2/- million, a survey by private bank RBS Coutts has found. These Singaporeans own a combined US$71/- billion.

But these women are being outnumbered by 20,000 Indonesian women in Singapore who hold in their hands some US$93/- billion – an average of more than US$4.6/- million each.

That makes these ibu ibu more numerous and somewhat richer than their Singaporean sisters.

This survey, perhaps the first on high net worth women, does not take into account the property they own.

Too bad I’m way too old to be any woman’s toy boy.

The RBS Coutts survey also found that Hong Kong has 37,094 wealthy women with an average net worth of US$4.4/- million, representing a total of US$152/- billion. But they, too, have been outshone at home, as Hong Kong also has an estimated 120,000 high net worth women from China.

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