She’s Been Lying


Is your partner causing you considerable sturm und drang?

How can you tell if that special someone in your life has a special someone other than you?

How can you tell that your girlfriend is lying when she claimed that during a recent trip to Shanghai, she “just happened” to bump into an old flame one afternoon and grudgingly accepted his invitation for dinner that same night when the fact is that she has arranged to meet him prior to her departure, signed off all her emails to him with “Love”  and even called him a “sweetie” for agreeing to see her? (His reply? “You’re always my pet.”)

How can you be sure they’ve not gotten together and fucked their brains out?

Sure helps with your high blood pressure, doesn’t it?

According to experts, at least 40 to 60 percent of husbands and up to 40 percent of wives will have an extramarital affair.

Millions more are plagued by suspicion.

Anthony DeLorenzo and his wife Dawn Ricci have written a book entitled WARNING SIGNS: How to Know If Your Partner Is Cheating – and What to Do About It.

Together they have 45 years experience as private investigators specializing in detecting and proving infidelity. Each has personally worked on thousands of cheating spouse cases.

DeLorenzo founded Allstate Investigations over 30 years ago, and within a few years grew the firm into one of USA’s largest private detective agencies dedicated to matrimonial investigations – that is, to catching cheating spouses. He is also the owner of, touted as “the Internet’s largest informational, support and community website dedicated to helping individuals at every stage of infidelity, from discovery to recovery with articles, discussion boards, forums and support services.”

Their book is so full of advice that they ask their readers to conceal it. “Simply find a hardcover book on your bookshelf of roughly the same size and try wrapping the dust jacket around this book,” they advised.

The book contains lots of commonsensical advice (“colors his hair – looks younger to his lover”, scrutinize his cell phone bill, etc) but also some great tips.

The authors even teach you how to convince your partner to allow you a glimpse into his or her email inbox, what to look for when you’re there, and why the best time to do this is on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

And if your partner doesn’t fall for that, there’s “THE WARNING SIGNS LIE DETECTION GUIDE”, as well as tips on how to use technology to enable you to see – in real time – every email, chat, or instant message your partner is sending and receiving.

The 12-page section at the end of the book entitled “Internet Resources” is  packed with useful links and that alone is already worth the price of the book.

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