Called to the Bar

In every club in Singapore where there is a bar, there will inevtiably be a bunch of losers who are “permanent residents”.

It is the same in The Tanglin Club, The American Club, The Singapore Island Country Club, even in The Cricket Club and The Singapore Recreation Club.

These are guys who are park themselves at the bar the moment the bar opens and they won’t leave till the bar is closed for the night.

They sit there – always in the same seat – consuming their liquid diets, glaring at people, and are quarrelsome and argumentative.

They bark at the staff, and their grouchy behavior gets worse by the hour.

I suspect the only reason some bars stay profitable is because of these lowlives.

I was at my club the other day, and on the way to the gent’s which is inside the bar, I said “Hi” to one of those “permanent residents” and he glared at me as if I have just plucked out his gonads.

And we are all members of the same club!

I was thinking what losers these members are.

What a bloody disgrace to be associated with these douchebags.

I made a vow to myself that day – and that is, no matter what the circumstances are, when I reach their age, I’ll make sure I won’t drink myself silly every day just like them.

I have no desire whatsoever to make myself a complete buffoon sitting at a bar all day quaffing cheap booze and pissing everyone off.

That’s not life, that’s a death sentence.

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