She’s Got Balls!

No one really knows how many women get groped everyday in our MRT trains.

In Japan it has gotten so bad they started women-only train carriages.

According to Japanese authorities,  two-thirds of female passengers in their twenties and thirties reported that they had been groped on trains, and the majority had been victimized frequently.

Egypt, India, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, Belarus and the Philippines now also offer women-only train cars, while passengers in some other countries have demanded their introduction.

On January 16, a 23-year-old woman boarded a packed SMRT train at Lavender. As she stood facing the glass-paneled sliding doors, she noticed Rengasamy Velmurugan, 20, a construction worker, standing to her right, his arms folded.

As the train began moving, she felt something rest on her right breast, then felt it being squeezed twice.

The woman shot a look at Rengasamy, and saw him withdraw his right hand from her chest, fold his arms and look away hastily.

She confronted him but he denied doing anything.

She then shouted for help but no one on board came forward.

In a fit of anger, she slapped him across his face and grabbed hold of his right arm, intending to haul him out at the next station to make a police report.

He immediately shook off her grip.

She then grabbed him by the collar and alighted at Bugis, shouting for help as she pulled him out of the train.

An unknown woman came forward and, as the victim told her what he had done, Rengasamy broke free and ran towards the train to reboard it.

However, the victim hauled him out again and dragged him towards the escalator with the help of other passengers.

The station manager heard the commotion and the police were called.

On May 14, Rengasamy was sentenced to eight months’ jail.

Speaking to press after the sentencing, the victim said she told Rengasamy after he molested her that she had to “teach him some lesson” so that he would not take advantage of other people in future.

Now, that’s one plucky woman!

And shame on those who ignored her cries for help. 

I hope Rengasamy enjoys his eight-month all-expenses-paid vacation.

I hear in jail criminals have their own hierarchy and that molesters are detested.

I hope those guys in jail will tear our Mr Rengasamy a new asshole.

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