Proud to be Singaporean?

Are you proud to be Singaporean?


Shouldn’t you just be proud of actual accomplishments?

Is being Singaporean a skill?

What have you done for Singapore?

I can never understand it when people say “I’m proud to be Singaporean.”

What did you do to be Singaporean?

More likely than not, the only reason why you are Singaporean is because your parents corpulated right here and you are the result of that act.

And you are proud of that?

Let me ask again, “What have you done to make you so proud of being Singaporean?”

Did you oppose the British when they colonized us?

What did you do during the war?

Did you fight the Japs?

Were you there when the Tunku kicked us out of Malaysia?

Did you weep with Lee Kuan Yew on August 9, 1965 at a TV Press conference?

When the Spyros exploded in 1978 did you lend a helping hand?

Did you stand in line to donate blood?

Did you participate in the rescue operation when two cable cars plunged into the sea on January 29, 1983?

When the New World hotel collapsed in 1986 did you help save lives?

Did you storm the plane when four Pakistanis hijacked Singapore Airlines Flight 117 in 1991 and demand the release of Pakistan Peoples Party members from Pakistani jails?

Ah maybe you weren’t born yet huh?

Ok then, how about this?

Did you make Singapore the world’s busiest port?

Did you build our skyline?

Constructed the word’s tallest man-made waterfall?

Did you raise Ah Meng?

Helped to eliminate SARS?

Were you the one who went to Johor to recapture Mas Selamat?

Did you just climb Mount Everest?

Or was it because of you that parliament passed the Maintenance of Parents Act in 1996?

Did you make ours the only country in the world where there is a law forcing you to look after your parents?

Was it also because of you that we’ve become a country where it is a crime to sell chewing gum, where cameras are installed in elevators so that you won’t be caught urinating in them?

Frankly I don’t give a rat’s ass about your misplaced pride.

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