Kong Kong, Johor


This is a picture of that “Holland crab” we ate at Kong Kong.

It was packed with roe.

Huh? Kong what? Kong where?

You heard right – Kong Kong, a very little-known sleepy hollow – minus Johnny Depp – on the west bank of the Johor river.

Not Hong Kong, you retard, Kong Kong.

Some enterprising fellow has set up something called Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Resort.

It is a huge place with tanks of live seafood, great ambience – you literally eat over the waters, with fish farms and the great expanse of the sea before you (you can see Singapore across the sea) – several karaoke rooms, and if for any reason you require a bedroom, there’s accommodation for rent – in fact a whole block of rooms for rent.

If checking into one of those rooms after a hearty seafood meal is not your idea of fun – now why would anybody want to do that? – you can go fishing, visit a crocodile farm, or even a charcoal factory.

You can even sign up for a package tour. For 110/- Malaysian Ringgits, you get a two-day one night tour inclusive of accommodation and all meals. Kids need only pay 50/- Malaysian Ringgits.

How’s that for a bargain?

Now that the June holidays are there, it might be a good idea to cart your kids there!

How do you get to Kong Kong? To avoid kongfusion, just follow the road signs, check the place out on Google Maps,  use a GPS or call any of these numbers for help:

+60 7 2523366 (Office)

+60 7 2543381 (Office)

+60 1 67111803 (Michael Ng)

+60 1 67715512 (CK Chan)

+60 1 67718600 (KB Hue)

Go before the whole world descends upon the place for a feeding frenzy, go before prices go up.

In addition to the crab pictured above, my buddy and I had six giant Canadian oysters, two bamboo clams, several giant blood cockles, 4 young Thai coconuts and a bottle of beer and the bill was a princely sum of 237 Malaysian Ringgits.

Now you do the Math.

The only reason why it cost so much was because the crab cost 116 Malaysian Ringgits.

Still, 237 Malaysian Ringgits is less than a hundred bucks Singapore!

For those anal ones, here’s the full address:

Lot 33, KG Kong Kong Laut,
81760, Masai, Johor.

I kid you not, see the receipt:

Kong bill

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