Edison Chen a Victim?


In early 2008 pictures of Edison Chen caught in fragante delicto with Hong Kong starlets were leaked.

The scumbag’s hair raising harvest of hairy hooch was the best ang pow horny Asians got that Chinese New Year.

Hundreds of photographs showing the Canadian-born actor/singer’s sexual conquests of Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, Rachel Ngan, Vincy Yeung (photos could have been taken when she was a minor), Candice Chan and Mandy Chen were all over the Net.

These photos were shot by Chen himself. He admitted that he has taken more than a thousand pics. That they were not real was taken cum grano salis.

This miraculous menagerie of mesmerizing muff ruined the showbiz career of most of the female stars.

And yet Chen recently told CNN “I was a victim.”

I’ve always thought of him as a bloody fool.

Now he has confirmed it by opening his big mouth.

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