No Complaint doesn’t mean No Problem

When contents of AWARE’s sex education program came under the spotlight, the initial official response was that no complaint has been received so far.

When a John Little customer wrote to the press recently to say that she was ignored by the sales staff, the company wrote a long reply promising to look into the matter. It also said “to date, we have not received any complaints of this nature.”

Hey retards, no complaint doesn’t mean no problem yeah?

If I go to a restaurant and food sucks, I don’t complain.

I just don’t go back.


If I go to a store and the service sucks, I don’t complain.

I just don’t go back.


And there are many like me.

These unhappy customers talk to their friends about their unhappiness.

They talk to their colleagues.

They talk to their families.

They talk to their relatives.

They talk to other businesses.

There was an old rule of thumb that happy customers tell two people and unhappy customers tell ten.

Now, through the miracle of modern technology, those unhappy customers are likely to tell ten thousand “friends”.

A business’ worst nightmare is a customer with a blog!

Why can’t those retards running restaurants or stores understand that?

The stupid ostrich has its head in the ground and sees no danger.

But these ostriches have higher IQ than those who think “no complaint’ means “no problem”.

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