Kong Bak

Kong Bak

The picture above shows a dish of Kong Bak we ordered at a Taiwanese restaurant in Johor Bahru recently.

But you can easily cook it at home.

Just blanch pork belly in hot water for a few seconds to remove the piggy smell, then remove and soak in cold water. Next, slice to desired thickness.

Now put the sliced pork belly in a pot with a little water and add dark soy sauce, sugar, Chinese cooking wine, a few cloves of garlic and a piece of star anise.

Simmer on low fire for at least an hour. Then add just half a cup of water and simmer another two hours. Add another half cup of water very two hours. Repeat until the aroma emerges and the meat is cooked to your preferred “doneness”  – make sure you don’t cook it until the meat disintegrates! Finally, add salt to taste.

This is one dish loved by some great men – including Mao Zedong and of course yours truly.  Well, Mao’s favorite is actually the Hunanese red- braised pork belly.

One thing for sure: you will never grow old eating this dish.

Know why? You’ll die young! It’s a very unhealthy dish.

So don’t over do it.

Ah what the heck? Life is short!

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