My Expanding Shit List

Emailed an acquaintance – let’s call him DT – in February, wanting to find out if I should see a chiropractor or an osteopath, given my condition.

No response.

In April when I went to his office to see someone, I passed to DT a thumb drive containing my MRI scans.

No response.

In May I met his wife who said she will check with him.

Still no response.

I bumped into him in June and he said “Osteopath can treat.”

If this was an urgent, life or death matter, I could have died already.

DT goes into my Shit List.

On May 25 I emailed my web-hosting company to ask about an invoice.

No response.

Several days later, I contacted GT, one of the company’s founders, whom I’ve treated to lunch before.

No response.

GT goes into my Shit List.

RW was our boss at one time. He left the company. When he returned, several of us emailed him to welcome him back.

No response.

RW goes into my Shit List.

SC was one of our bosses here in Asia. He is now back in the States. I emailed him to ask about something.

No response.

SC goes into my Shit List.

A colleague from our Thai office phoned me on May 15 asking me to keep June 5 free. He wanted me to helm an event in Pattaya for him. He said he will email me details.

Nothing happened.

Meanwhile I’ve blocked my cal, taking into consideration travel time etc, essentially preventing me from taking on any other engagements or billable work.

I emailed him twice.

No response.

Mr Tom Yam goes into my Shit List.


Shit List running out of space.

Want to start your own Shit List?


Send the following SMS to 10 friends: “Hi, just wanted to know that you were in my thoughts today; hope everything’s fine and you’re ok.”

Those who don’t reply automotically goes into your Shit List.

Try it.

Then we can compare our Shit Lists.

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