Ordering at the Local Kopi-tiam


Kopi: coffee, condensed milk, sugar

Kopi oh: black coffee, sugar

Kopi oh kosong: black coffee, no sugar

Kopi si: coffee, evaporated milk, sugar

Kopi si kosong: coffee, evaporated milk, no sugar

Kopi siew tai: coffee, condensed milk, less sugar

Kopi oh siew tai: black coffee, less sugar

Kopi si siew tai: coffee, evaporated milk, less sugar

Teh: tea, condensed milk, sugar

Teh oh: tea, sugar

Teh oh kosong: tea, no sugar

Teh si: tea, evaporated milk, sugar

Teh si kosong: tea, evaporated milk, no sugar

Teh siew tai: tea, condensed milk, less sugar

Teh o siew tai: tea, less sugar

Teh si siew tai: tea, evaporated milk, less sugar

Tiow her: Chinese tea (bag)

Tat kiew: Milo

Nahbeh, see peh luan, mai liow: Fuck you, damn confusing, cancel my order

Mai pak gua, mai pak gua: Please don’t beat me up, please don’t beat me up

Ang chap zi chia lai liow: The ambulance is here

Note: If your eye hurts while drinking coffee at the local kopi-tiam, just remove the spoon.

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