Shaw Centre Is Half Empty!

Shaw Centre - stooping so low.

Shaw Centre stooping too low?

If you go to Shaw Centre, you’ll probably get the same impression I got.

You’d think that this once fashionable place has become a ghost town.

You’d think that at least half the tenants have moved out.

The place has so many empty shop units.

I used to get my magazines from an Indian couple running a magazine store on the 4th floor, they too have moved out.

Forced out by the increase in rent.

Forced out after decades there.

With the store’s closing, a little of my own past has also disappeared.

I have spent countless happy moments in that store in the last 20 years, chitchatting with the friendly couple.

I miss the store because it has become a small part of my life.

Sometimes it makes you wonder what landlords are thinking.

In this day and age, when the economy is in dire straits and when newer and fancier malls are popping up all over the place, these greedy bloodsuckers still have the gall to raise their rents.

Complete disregard for tenant loyalty, complete disregard for shoppers and customers.

Can you image? Shaw Centre would rather hang onto empty shop units in the hope that some suckers will come in and pay higher rents rather than retain faithful tenants who have been there for years.

Stooping so low just to pick up a few extra dollars.

Makes me wonder if these Shaw clowns know anything about doing business.

The tragedy is this – when a shopping mall is half empty – no one will show up and the remaining stores will suffer too.

I hope Shaw Centre’s management realizes that before it is too late.

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