A Close Shave


Every time I go to London, I’ll not shave for a week prior to the trip and when I land, I’ll seek out one of those British barbers and have a real luxurious shave. Lots of hot towels, badger-hair shaving brushes, cut-throat razors, shaving soap, after-shave, bay rum, oh my, the sheer luxury of the experience!

But to fly to London just for that is a tad too extravagant really. So in Singapore, I go to Michelle & Cindy Salon on the 4th floor of Shaw Centre, at unit 04-63.

Michelle & Cindy Salon has been operating since the early 70’s and they’ve been at their present premises since 1985, which is about the time I started visiting them. It is a clean, decent place, with clientele consisting mainly of expat males from offices in the same building, many of whom form lasting friendships with the lady barbers working there – judging from the photos and cards they continue to mail to the shop from all over the world long after they’ve departed from these sunny shores.

This is a strictly no hanky-panky place, I must stress, the ladies speak passable English and most are older than me. Go for a shampoo and a hair-trim then lie down in the reclining barber chair for a relaxing head massage or facial or a cut-throat shave. It’s the closest you can get to a real shave in London, and costing a fraction of what Sweeney Todd would have charged you.

I just visited them for a shampoo, a trim, a shave and a head massage – all for the princely sum of fifty bucks Singapore.

Appointment recommended. Tel: 6737 6369.

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