Headhunters who are Idiots

Search firms, also called headhunting firms, proliferate.

Like in most businesses, only a small percentage at the very top are truly professional.

Most of the rest are run by idiots.

Because of the incorrect perception that headhunting is a business with an “easy entry point” people think any idiot can do that.

And I know a couple of these idiots.

Consider this:

If you have just been told by doctors that your wife may die soon how would that affect you? Lose your composure? Get completely disoriented? Succumb to stress? All of the above?

This message is for those who are too quick to condemn and label others for “not having EQ” when you’re NOT the one whose wife faces death. Trust me; unless you’ve been there, it’s hard to imagine what it is like.

No, my wife is not dying but someone I know is facing this tragedy and while there is much outpouring of support and offers of help, there have been a couple of dickheads who exhibit a complete lack of sensitivity to the poor fellow.

I pray that such misfortune would not befall these unfeeling bastards.

This is about two Singaporeans in the human capital arena. One of them – supposedly a veteran in his field, an experienced professional – rebuked the poor husband accusing him of not having EQ, when the poor man is in an altered state of mind, in the midst of a meltdown. “If there was something worse than hell, I was in it,” said the husband.

The other is a headhunter.

I wonder why so many HR people are so unprofessional.

I also know of an outplacement guy who would contact me and ask for help with running ice breakers for workshops – this scumbag would take and take and take and give nothing back.

He’s a media whore as well, doing his utmost to be quoted in the press.

The way some attention-seeking retards operate makes you wonder if Singapore has only one customer service consultant, one stock broker, one outplacement consultant, one plastic surgeon.

These people have serious issues in their lives, I suspect.

My mother always said that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

I will listen to her for once.

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