Wedding Videos

The Groom.

The groom.

It seems de rigueur nowadays to screen a biographical video at weddings showing pictorially the progression of the bride and the groom from infanthood to adulthood right up to their wedding.

I find this exceedingly boring.

I mean, if you’ve seen one of these narcissistic follies you’ve basically seen them all.

Furthermore, who really cares about all that shit? Who wants to see how you looked like in nappies and where you’ve been vacationing prior to the wedding, out of wedlock (and living in sin)?

Also, it seems customary nowadays to have the bridal couple publicly thank their parents at the wedding for bringing them up. Some bridal couples even make it a big show to present some useless trinkets to their parents in full view of all the guests.

Come on, do parents even have a frigging choice? Once you were born, we had to bring you up unless we were prescient enough to know that you were going to turn out to be such horrible brats and strangled you the moment you were born.

One more wedding video, and I’ll puke!

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