KL Night Out

WARNING: Today’s post is going to look like one of those blogs by countless brainless bimbos and tea-bagging queens proliferating the Web – nothing but a collection of photos with captions. I guess it’s invitable when pictures speak louder than words, so here it goes.

Last Tuesday,  friends took me to this restaurant in Petaling Jaya:


They are famous for their la-la:


We also had really evil-looking, lard-laden but ultra delicious KL-style Hokkien mee:


Hor fun:

Hor fun

Petai, cooked with brinjals and char quay:


Even a simple vegetable dish tasted super:


This was due to the strong fire, giving every dish “wok hei”:


My fave dish was this killer – bee hoon with canned stewed pork:

Stewed pork bee hoon

After that, we adjourned for durian buffet:


For 20 Malaysian Ringgits, you can pig out till you drop dead:


Thanks Tracy, Angie, Tina and Tonny for a most memorable evening!

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