Dunhill Collector HT XL

Dunhill HTXL

I just couldn’t resist it – saw this rare Dunhill Collector Hand Turned XL Shell Briar when I visited Kamelah’s Johor store with Alec – had to get it.

The best way to deal with temptation is to yield to it.

Only one or two out of one hundred to two hundred premium quality briar blocks gives rise to a Dunhill pipe. The Dunhill people examine thousands of blocks in search of the few hundred that are flawless.

Next the production process begins – each Dunhill undergoes more than 90 separate processes spread over several months.

No wonder Dunhill is often referred to as the “Rolls-Royce of pipes.”

Bad men want their women like cigarettes, slender and trim. They want them all in a row to be selected at will, set aflame, and when the flame has subsided, discarded, only to select another.

Fastidious men want their women like a cigar. They are more expensive, they make a better appearance and they last longer.  After all, if the brand is good, they are seldom discarded but used to the end.

The good man wants his woman to be like his pipe.  He wants something he becomes attached to, knocks gently but lovingly and takes good care of always.

A man will give you a cigarette, offer you a cigar, but never share his pipe!

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