Security Guards Get Abused?

Yesteday’s Sunday Times ran a full-page article lamenting that security guards are being abused.

It made my toes laugh.

Security guards being abused?

So what?

Big frigging deal!

Security companies interviewed claimed it is not uncommon for security officers to be “scolded, threatened and at times even assaulted.”

There are currently 32,000 unarmed private security officers in Singapore. Two weeks ago, Law Minister K Shanmugam launched a common identity card which will be issued to all these officers by the end of next year.

The card certifies that the holder has been screened by the police and is suitable and competent for his task.

This initiative, security agencies say, is one move which will boost professionalism in the industry, increase public recognition of officers and, hopefully, bring down instances of abuse.

The public also needs to be educated, they added. Many are also unaware of the 12-hour shifts and physical demands of the guards’ job.

Ignatius Kang, general manager of Apro-Asian Protection, said: “The public needs to show more respect for guards and know that there are proper channels to make complaints or give feedback.

“Abuse of guards cannot be tolerated.”

Now, here’s my two cents’ worth:

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

How many of the 32,000 security guards have suffered abuse?

Who’s forcing you to be a security guard?

You can always peddle tissues or become a monk.

Some monks we know aren’t doing too badly nowadays are they?

Free uniforms too I bet.

Yeah right, security guards complain about being abused, but what about the rest of us who are being abused by security guards?

Indeed, how many people have the 32,000 security guards abused?

My experience with security guards is that most are obnoxious bullies and inflexible bastards – have someone drive you to the front of a mall, stop for 7 seconds for you to alight, and see what happens.

Like magic, power-crazy security guards – I mean, they all wanted to be cops right? – will suddenly appear with their clipboards and whistles and pounce on the driver and scream at him or her to get lost.

The day security guard agencies hire human beings with brains and not boy scouts or retards or stormtrooper wannabes or puffed-up paranoiacs with a fetish for uniforms will be the day these Nazis get some respect from the public.

That stupid card from the cops ain’t gonna do anything for these Neanderthals.

“How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg?”

The answer is “four” because calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg.

A retard with a card is still a retard with a card.

It’s the security guards who need education not members of the public.

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