Ok or Nokay?


K is the eleventh letter of the modern Latin alphabet.

Sometimes we use the alphabet K to mean a thousand.

K is the SI prefix for a thousand.

SI refers to Système International d’Unités (also known as International System of Units).


K is probably the most used alphabet nowadays.

It is short for Ok, a colloquial English word denoting approval, assent, or acknowledgment.

The origins of Ok are not known with certainty, and have been the subject of much discussion and academic interest over the years.

Anyway Ok or K is here to stay.

You text someone “I won’t be back for dinner tonight” and the response?


“Love you. Bye.”


“Would you like to eat out tomorrow night?”



“Up to u.”

“Oh u drive me nuts, don’t u have a pref?”

“I’m ez. I leave it to you.”




“Or the new Les Amis?”


“Or u prefer hairy crabs?”


“Jade Palace?”


Know what I mean?


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