West Losers East


I write this at great risk of offending some good friends, but these good friends know who they are and that his post is NOT about them. Indeed I do know people who are very happily inter-racially paired and you are among them.

As for the others, I share the following observations regarding women from Singapore and their white or non-Singaporean husbands, boy friends and SOBs (Significant Other Bodies):

  1. Some of these women have found Singaporean men hard to swallow – no pun intended – so they end up with white or non-Singaporean men.
  2. Some of these women would never – in their wildest imagination – be considered desirable by Singapore men. We’re talking about ugliness personified here. We’re talking about “poisonalities” here.
  3. Some of the white men or non-Singaporean men who end up with Singaporean women would never – in their wildest imagination – be able to even get a date in their own countries – many are losers. Big time losers. Some may have questionable backgrounds as well.
  4. Some of the Singaporean women who end up with white men or non-Singaporean men are very quick to flaunt it – oneupmanship (again no pun intended) in action here, so they are really quick to change their names, hence names like Valerie Wood, Beng-Nah Myers, Veronica Wiesmann, ad nauseam, proliferate.
  5. Some of the Singaporean women who end up with “ang mos” and other non-Singaporean men are suffering but of course they are too pai seh and malu to admit it. Not everything’s copacetic with inter-racial pairings.

Well, just as one swallow does not a girlfriend make, two Wongs don’t make a white and two losers won’t make a winner.

This is based on my having observed this phenomenon for over 20 years.

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