Don’t Look at It!

In 2007 the made-in-Malaysia movie Jangan Pandang Belakang (Don’t Look Back) made headlines all over Malaysia.

It was considered a masterpiece in the annals of movie making in Malaysia.

I tried to watch it but didn’t get the chance to.

I looked for a DVD but was told that they were all sold out.

I finally found one the other day at One Utama.

My family and I sat down to watch it the other night.

We had a good laugh.

A masterpiece?

Call us philistines, but honestly our youngest boy could have done better with his Panasonic SDR-S7.

We laughed till our tummies ached.

The movie received some unexpected publicity after the Malaysian government-run National Censorship Board insisted the movie’s posters and advertisements include a warning: “Not suitable for pregnant women and those with ailing hearts.”

Also, a stuntman died during the shooting of the movie, adding to the mystery.

It was also reported that a cameraman captured a mysterious entity on site.  (That photo was being use as a teaser poster for the movie.)

All these incidents attracted people to the movie.

The movie raised eyebrows with a record-breaking collection of RM433, 589 on its opening day.

Unbelieveable huh?

It went on to collect millions at the box office. In fact it holds the record as the highest-grossing film in Malaysia, collecting RM6.33 million.

(The second-best selling movie in Malaysia is the 1994 drama Sembilu.)

Why did my family and I laughed till we got sick?

It is the worst movie anyone of us has ever watched in our lives.

Instead of being a horror movie, it turned out to be a comedy.

There’s nothing original about the movie, every scene is stolen from some other horror movies like Ringu, Ju-on, Shutter, etc.

The acting is also bad.

Moral of the story: Give a retard a videocam and he thinks he’s Steven Spielberg.

And idiots actually pay money to watch the crap he produces, including sequels.

That’s where the real horror is.

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