Alrighty, Adoi!

A close friend of mine tends to pick up the speech patterns, accents and words of the places she has been.

Back from undergrad studies at Canterbury, she spotted a British accent. And she also started to say “I suppose” as a retort to everything you say.

Rather annoying at times.

Sounds very nose-in-the-air patronizing.

After a couple of years in Boston she would end every conversation with “Alrighty.”

She mixes with someone who says “Hey” instead of “Hi” and now she says only “Hey.”

She hangs around with some Malay friends who are always exclaiming “Adoi!” and now she does the same.

I’m not like her. I don’t pick up speech patterns, accents and words of places I’ve been. In many ways I’m afflicted with something far worse than her.

You see, I tend to pick up the behavioral traits of people I’ve just been exposed to – facial ticks and all.

I had a conversation with a guy who would rub his entire face with his hand – like a cat – throughout the conversation and five minutes later, I found myself imitating this rather distracting quirk.

I talked to someone who blinked non stop and guess what? Five minutes later I’m blinking too – the two of us looked like contestants in some blinking championship competition.

I met a gay guy who winked at me once and I’ve been winking at everyone ever since.

I once met a visitor who had this funny habit of sticking out his tongue after every sentence and you guessed right – I started doing that too. At that time, girls would give me dirty looks and steered clear of me. (I wonder why.)

Yet another time we had a visitor to our home who would do this funny two-step thing with his mouth every other five minutes – he would first pucker his lips and then purse them in a downward motion, compressing them into a thin line. Next thing you know, I was an instant convert, never mind the fact that I looked like an absolute dumb ass doing that. I mean I don’t have a rubber face ala Jim Carrey.

I am thankful I’ve haven’t met Michael Jackson in person, otherwise I’ll be moon walking to the toilet like a monkey.

I am also thankful that all the propensity to take on people’s behavioral patterns and facial ticks somehow miraculous stopped when I became a teenager, two or three years ago.

Afterthought: disregard the last five words in the last paragraph.

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