Parking for the Disabled

There must be half a million more handicapped parking lots in Singapore than there are handicapped people!

Most parking lots have WAY too many parking spaces allocated for handicapped parking, resulting in an extremely inefficient allocation of the most valuable real estate of any parking lot. I don’t know this for sure, but I suspect this is because of government mandates.

So the result is you drive around and around and from one floor to another looking for parking lots and the only ones not occupied are those for the handicapped.

If every handicapped person in this country decided to drive tomorrow, they couldn’t possibly fill all of the handicapped lots.

I have nothing against the handicapped but with all this talk about being normal and striving to be part of society shouldn’t the handicapped – if they drive at all – also look for parking lots like the rest of us?

I’m sure the handicapped didn’t come up with the idea of parking lots exclusively for them; but someone else sure did.

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