Negotiate What?

In the hotel elevator I saw a signage announcing a Harvard prof conducting a two-day workshop on Advance Negotiation. Intrigued I looked him up and asked him what was the biggest deal he has ever negotiated, making him so darn qualified to come to Asia and teach us monkeys how to negotiate. I told him I am keen to learn. Affronted thus, he wasn’t happy so he wanted to know what deals I have worked on.

I told him:

Bank in Malaysia – US$121 million 10-year contract

Telco in India – this contract value is estimated to be US$225 to US$275 million for the first 5 years and at least US$700 to US$750 million over 10 years

Bank in Singapore – US$680 million 10-year contract

Bank in Thailand – US$230 million 10-year contract

Airline in Malaysia – US$115 million 10-year contract

Airline in Singapore – US$180 million 7-year contract

Telco in Malaysia – US$199 million 5-year contract

He almost died.

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