No Bull Turkish


Anatolia is a small 10-table Turkish restaurant at Far East Plaza.

You don’t have to adopt a funny accent and join an international cliquish foodie group with an un-pronounceable name just to eat there. (Now I understand why each Rotary Club admits only one member of any profession.)

The foodie group with the un-pronounceable name is unlikely to descend on Anatolia to pressure the chef to whip up extraordinarily special meals not available to hoi polloi; and probably bankrupting him in the process.

Anatolia is run by my friends from Turkey. I don’t even know their names but I consider them my friends because they consider me – and all their customers – their friends. I eat there very often, it is not gourmet cuisine, but good food – my favorite dish is ?skender kebap –  is priced reasonably and always served with a smile and with genuine friendliness. Often there would be an extra piece of bread, a complimentary cup of tea.

These guys know how to do business. Do support them. They are at #02-58/59, Far East Plaza, Scotts Road. Don’t forget to try their goat milk ice cream. Don’t let the ice cream man get your goat. Just step back and enjoy his antics.

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