An Evening with Il Divo

Il Divo

Tonight Il Divo performs at the Indoor Stadium.

It’s a “one night only” affair.

I will be at home.

To listen to those dudes with the toe curling – ok, heavenly – voices, you’ll have to pay S$275 for the best seat, and that’s excluding all those other surcharges that Sistic will tambah on.

In the past I would think nothing of getting 10 or 20 tickets for family and friends. In the past, I bought an entire row of premium-class seats for family and friends to watch Evita, ditto Phantom, ditto Aida, ditto Cats, ditto Miss Saigon, ditto Rent…

But that was “in the past.”

Today is today.

Today is the present.

The present is not the past.

The past is history.

Tonight, I’ll spend an evening with a Il Divo DVD.

With my 42PFL7803 and my HTS8140 I must be out of my mind to pay that kind of money to those daylight robbers, Sistic.

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