Fann Wong’s Wedding? Spare Me!

No cherries in this wedding.

No cherries in this wedding.

Late last month two apparently very well-liked TV actors Fann Wong and Christopher Lee got married.

Sponsors went ga-ga.

From hairdressers to clothes designers to jewelry stores to God knows who – every mother’s son was fighting to sponsor the wedding.

The media went ga-ga too.

The s0-called “state-controlled” media.

Press reports featured the couple.

TV carried news about them.

TV even carried congratulatory messages from other “stars”.

Can you imagine?

I pay money so that I have a license to watch TV without being arrested and I am subjected to this kind of shit.

Who the fuck cares about Fann Wong and Christopher Lee?

This is one of the few countries in the world where watching TV – or listening to a radio – without a license is an offence.

And at S$110/- the bloody license is one of the most expensive such licenses in the world, from what I understand.

This is Singapore.

What if you don’t pay for a license? Let me quote the authorities:

“Our licensing officers will be conducting checks on properties with no TV License. Under the Broadcasting Act (Cap. 28), it is an offence to have a TV set at your home without a valid TV license. A fine of S$200.00 shall be imposed on you if a TV set is found at your home during inspection.”

Jesus, you would think these bastards have better things to do than that.

And do you know that you need a separate license for that radio in your car?

Yes, in this country we have gestapo running around trying to catch people without TV and radio licenses!

I don’t care if Fann Wong got pawed by Roman Polan-pedophile-ski.

Not me.

But I do fucking care when idiotic North Korean style of idolatry – over a couple of two-bit TV actors – is being forced upon me.

Right in my face.

Day in and day out.

Thank God for remote controls.

Thank God remote controls have buttons for me to switch my TV off.

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