Body Worlds Exhibition? No thanks!

The controversial Body Worlds exhibition came back to Singapore yesterday.

Essentially, dead bodies on display.

The bodies have been preserved by a process called plastination, invented by a German named Gunther von Hagens.

Some of the specimens even show prosthetics such as artificial hip joints or heart valves.

Livers with cirrhosis and smokers’ lungs as well as fetuses and embryos – some with congenital disorders – form a typical Body Worlds exhibit.

Gawkers who pay money to visit such exhibitions belong to the same category of those who are fascinated by the morbid; they are the same losers who watch voyeuristic TV programs like The Amazing Race, Fear Factor, Survivor, Wife Swap and other puke-inducing “reality” TV shows.

The CEO of Science Center Singapore, the organizer of the exhibition this time, was quoted in the media as saying that The Body Worlds exhibition has made its rounds globally, and that “science centers around the world have embraced” it, implying that it has scientific and redeeming value and that it is “ok”.

Well, Hitler conducted experiments on the Jews and killed six million of them with the full knowledge of the Nazi Party, all in the name of science too.

That doesn’t mean it’s ok.

During the war, the Japanese Army’s Unit 731 conducted Japan’s not-so-secret experiments on POWs too – also all in the name of science.

That doesn’t mean it’s ok.

Call me old fashioned, but I say, let’s leave the dead alone.

Let’s treat them with respect, not put them on show and charge losers for viewing them.

I wouldn’t want crowds staring at my dick after I’m gone.

As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t want anyone staring at my dick even now.

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