Overreacting – Example Three

On January 6 this year, 23-month old toddler Natalie Nikie Alisyia Sallehan was home alone with her infant sisters while her parents went out to buy her a present for her second birthday.

When they returned, they found that she had made a mess of her father’s cigarettes.

Sallehah Allaudin, 26, flew off the handle and overreacted by kicking and stamping on the poor toddler until she died.

Her mother Rozanah Mohamed Yusoff told the court that she saw Nikie’s father kicking and stepping on the seated child’s back, her upper body bent forward, and the left side of her face pressed to the floor.

Nikie, 78cm tall and weighing 10kg, died of a ruptured vein. Her father faces the death penalty for murder.

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