Crying Babies

She can cry in my arms.

She can cry in my arms.

People with young kids should leave them at home and not travel with them.

On September 4 in the first class compartment of the Shanghai to Hangzhou train journey, a couple’s baby cried non-stop during the journey.

They were seated right behind us.

On October 15 in the business class cabin of SilkAir’s flight from Lombok to Singapore, a baby behind us cried unceasingly as well.

Behind the last row of business class is the first row of economy class and that’s the row where parents with babies are seated, due to the baby bassinets being there.

The economy fare (return) for Singapore/Lombok/Singapore is S$965/-; for business class it is S$1324/-.

Call me a selfish bastard, but I did not pay 400 bucks more to have a baby crying behind me non-stop.

Yesterday from Jakarta to Singapore on SQ961, I was seated in seat 11F in business class. Next to me in seats 11D and E was an extremely unfriendly couple with a baby that created a bloody racket throughout the flight.

I think babies should be banned from business class.

They should be confined to the back of the plane, in monkey class.

Parents with babies – leave them at home or sedate those monkeys please!

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