Japanese Single-Malt – Hakushu


Japan is the second biggest producer of single-malt whisky in the world.

It has been taking top prizes in international tastings since 2001. At the 2008 World Whisky Awards, Japan underlined its arrival on the world scene by scooping both of the top prizes – the best single-malt whisky in the world and the best blended whisky in the world.

Hakushu Distillers is located in Yamazaki, Kyoto and was built in 1973 and is located in the pine forests close to Japanese Alps.

Hakushu means “white sand banks” named after the mineral deposits in the stream that feeds the distillery.

A dear friend just gave me a bottle of Hakushu 12 years. The nose is light and crisp with fresh notes of cut hay and sweet mixed peels, a little hazelnut and barley malt. The palate is crisp and clean with notes of cut fruits, gentle barley malt and smoke. A floral character with citrus zest. The finish is sweet and spicy.

Excellent stuff, with a distinctive peaty character not unlike Caol Ila.

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