Stop Talking and Start Listening


Female alpha bitch CEO.

Many woman execs think that if they want to be successful they have to be more aggressive than their male counterparts.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing more obnoxious than a female alpha bitch who’s always trying to outdo Hitler himself.

I personally know and admire a handful of women chief execs like Teresa Lim, Foo Mee Har and Pauline Goh; the rest I reserve my comments.

In a recent FORTUNE interview, Nancy Peretsman, 54, managing director of Allen & Co, said “Cut the small talk. Sometimes you have to be a little rude. I’ll start a conversation by saying ‘I have 10 minutes. If you want to spend that on the niceties, fine, but I’m happy to jump right in.’”

I’m not a gambling man, but I’ll bet with my last cent that this woman will bomb big time in Asia.

I don’t believe in collective blame, but such behavior places a negative blot on all women execs.

Ironically it was her fellow American James B Irwin, back in 1986, who reminded me of the importance of small talk. He called it “front talk.”

Small talk “disarms” the other person, paves the way for a productive meeting, conversation or negotiation.

Small talk is not about sharing your autobiography; it can simply be a five-minute ice-breaking opener.

That’s all.

Women execs who behave like castrated gorillas and who are void of any trace of femininity scare me to death. Perhaps they should try to grow a Hitler moustache as well.

Give me an alpha male any time.

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