Oh No, She’s Back!

Anyone who wants to be someone has to write a book.

Anyone who wants to rewrite history has to write a book.

So Sarah Palin wrote one.

A look at Palin’s most frequently used words capture some of the key themes of the former Alaska governor’s memoir: Alaska, campaign, Todd, family, kids, right, governor, government, oil, work, energy.

The Associated Press electronically scanned the book, Going Rogue and, using software to highlight the most common words, created a “word cloud” that captures the book in a nutshell. The software filters out common words like “and,” “or,” “like,” and “the.”

She refers to her husband, Todd, more than 200 times, and uses words like “family,” “kids,” “mom” and “dad” about 600 times combined.

And talking about biting the hand that feeds you, the most sustained and vehement barbs in the book are directed not at Democrats, liberals or the news media, but at the presidential campaign of John McCain.

Palin has used her memoir as a vehicle for revenge.

Yes, it’s payback time for the obnoxious cow.

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