Idiotic Comments on Straits Times’ FORUM

Ever since the early days of the Net, message boards have been know for their unique culture – some retards will troll, some will talk through their asses and some will flame and get flamed.

The comments made by Internet users on The Straits Times’ discussion board offers lots of fun if you suffer from insomnia and have nothing better to do.

The Straits Times carries this warning but idiotic posts continue despite it:

“Any user who posts offensive or irrelevant comments will be banned from this Discussion Board.”

I don’t understand how The Straits Times work. Readers who write to its FORUM page are required to comply to its requirement to “include your full name (as in IC), your address and a telephone contact number” before their letters will be considered for publication.

The paper publishes some letters in the hard copies that are being sold and some letters online.

Online readers are free to respond to those letters. You have to register before you can post. But you do not have to give your real or legal name, ie “(as in IC).”

This has resulted in all kinds of morons making stupid comments.

Recently someone named Tan Chee Yean wrote a letter entitled “So why not maids from China?”

The letter stated: “I refer to my letter, ‘China maids’ (Oct 25). Since my letter was published, I have spoken to many friends and clients who agree. They too suffer in silence after years of problems with maids. Our system protects maids to the extent that those who are more knowledgeable exploit it to the detriment of employers. Most problems begin with miscommunication and the language barrier – especially among Indonesian maids. There should be transparency in explaining why China maids are not allowed.”

Now before I go on let me just clarify that I do not necessarily agree with Tan’s view.  I should also state that I am not in favor of Singapore being flooded with people from China. In fact, I think most of them are parasitic bloodsuckers.

I am only quoting Tan’s letter as an example to show you the type of typical responses Straits Times’ online readers make to letters and articles.

The following responses which I have chosen for your reading pleasure have not been edited:

“fran9ipani” wrote: a man can be very faithful all day but they are still creatures who in a moment of weakness their small head will control the big one and there goes your marriage…”

“employee_wong” wrote:  “Start as MAID but end up as MISTRESS of the house. GUARANTEED SCENARIO”

“dragonovic” wrote: “Already you have China girls lurking around CPF building and Geylang and had successful made “catches” of our 55 year old men collecting their CPF monies. Surely you do not want them in YOUR house. Imagine how you women can feel at ease if your husbands are at home with the maid ALONE…… will lose you ATM cards.”

“anthonlibeth” wrote: “How much you want to pay them? It is too dangerous. Now your maid but they will end up in your bed and their off day will be in Geylang making extra to send home . Nothing will satisfird them. Look at the past stories, they are all birds of a feather”

“Melvinchanko” wrote: “They wouldn’t want to be your maid. They want to be your mate. Wives and husbands will have sleepless nights. Wives want to make sure husbands don’t hanky panky and husbands wait patiently for their wives to fall asleep.”

“HONKYTONKYMAN” wrote: “oh i dun mind having a maid from china….i heard they have very good bed skills….”

“Dr.LaiSiokan” (which in Hokken means “Come and fuck”) wrote: “Made in China, Maid from China and at last Mate in your bed. Lovely. These koo niangs are sexually skillful too.”

“CCLCCLCCL” wrote: “Why? Imagine the family going out to dinner with the kids and the Chinese maid in tour giving attention to them. The maid Chinese-national looking and the wife Singaporean-Chinese both at the table. The waiter will need some time to figure out who is who and whether the man has two wives, and if one only, which one.”

And there was even something on pandas:

“Robin_Great” wrote: “Panda is only a tool for China Gov to expose China ambition, stupid SG will know what happens in next 10 years…”

All I can say is this: “Wise men listen and laugh while fools talk.”

What is even funnier is that there are idiots out there who don’t seem to know that technology is able to track who they are despite their hiding behind (crude and vulgar) nicknames like “Dr.LaiSiokan.”

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