How Retards Do Emails

I know someone with very annoying email habits.

Example One: “A” emails him. He replies to “A” but BCCs to several other people.

These several other people have nothing to do with “A”’s email to him.

“A” might not appreciate the fact that this email exchange can now be seen by all.

Example Two: I emailed him.

He clicks “reply” but adds another recipient.

He then addresses that recipient, starting an entirely new topic, leaving my original email to him unreplied to and intact for the new recipient to see.

Example Three: I emailed him.

Weeks later, he emails me but does it by clicking “reply” and starting a new topic when the subject of my email – ie my original email to him – remains unchanged.

There are books like E-mail for Dummies (by John Levine, Carol Baroudi, Margaret Levine Young and Arthur Reinhold) that this person should read.

Or perhaps he should read The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Internet E-Mail (by Paul McFedries.)

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