Rollies will Save your Soles

An idea whose time has come.

Feet killing you? Head for a vending machine!

At 15 bucks a pair, and available in three colors, every girl should have a pair in her handbag and another pair on standby in the office and a third pair on standby at home.

Too bad, I’m a man and can’t wear any of these.

Some very clever people in Singapore have launched Rollies – described as “emergency shoes on the go, for times when your heels are just too much to bear, or when they are too precious to wear.”

I quote from their website: (NOTE: In case you’re wondering, I don’t get paid for this, I don’t do product endorsements – I’m a nobody, I’m not Tiger Woods, I’m not Tiger Prawn – and I don’t know the smart people behind these shoes. In fact, I hope they won’t rake me over the coals for pinching the picture above from their Facebook album.)

For the times you have burning blisters and twisted toes after partying in towering stilettos, for those sore ankles after miles of shopping, for driving in comfort, for your after-work salsa class, for that much-needed comfort after your wedding party, for a quick-relief office shoe, for saving your precious Christian Louboutins during a downpour, for the time your rarely worn travel shoes break, and even for that dash for the last bus home.

Rollies are shoes on the go, your sole saviors in the size of your palm. Tuck them into your clutch, or grab them from a funky Rollies vending machine in an emergency.

When your feet scream in pain, dump your heels in the bag provided, slip on your Rollies and rock on!

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