Google Gets Better

You’re taking a walk in the woods, you come across a tree and you wonder what tree it is. You snap a picture of the tree using your cellular phone, send it to Google and it returns within seconds with all the information you need.

You spot an acquaintance in a restaurant, but you’ve forgotten his name, and you don’t want to embarrass yourself, so you snap a picture of him, send it off to Google and it returns with your acquaintance’s bio-data.

You see a watch you fancy, you snap a picture of it, send it to Google, and it returns with the model number, the price, and all the rest of it.

Amazing isn’t it? Google just announced such a service last week!

Also Google will now supplement search results with updates from networking sites – for example, type “New York City weather” and in addition to the usual weather information you typically get from search engines, this time the results will be accompanied by twits from someone who’s right there in New York City at that point in time, ie if he or she happens to be twitting about the weather.

Amazing, truly amazing.

That’s not all – soon Google will allow you to speak into your cell phone in any language to ask for information. For example, you may speak in Japanese and ask for the best onsen in Tokyo and results will be sent to you in a jiffy.

Fantastic isn’t it?

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