Female Toilet Cleaners

She can clean my toilet any time!

My friend Cornelius gets very upset when he sees female toilet cleaners in the male toilet.

Once when I was also in the toilet, I saw this old, shriveled, tiny little lady toilet cleaner in the gents, mopping the floor just as Cornelius was heading to the urinals.

Cornelius politely invited the old lady out.

She responded in an endless tirade of Hokkien – which was useless since Cornelius is Canadian – and refused to budge.

She screamed at Cornelius “Hey ang moh, why so shy? Whatever you have I’ve seen my fair share, long, short, fat, thin, I’ve seen them all, just pee lah, I’m not interested in looking.”

Befuddled, Cornelius moved to one of the cubicles and closed the door.

Lately I continue to see female toilet cleaners in male toilets.

I wonder if male toilet cleaners hang around in female toilets.

I’m sure women would scream if they see male toilet cleaners in their toilets.

Another thing which I’m very uncomfortable about is young dads taking their little daughters into the male toilets.

I mean there are all these men standing at the urinals swinging their dicks around!

They will be embarrassed.

What’s worse the sight of their weapons might terrorize the poor little girls.

Phallophobia can scar you for life.

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