Showing Appreciation

As a book lover, I share my books with close friends.

But sometimes you give a book to someone and it goes into a bottomless pit – not a pip squeak from the person.

Not even a word of thanks.

I suspect some people add the books I give them to the piles of books they’ve accumulated – yes many are collectors, not readers.

Recently I passed a copy of Stieg Larsson’s latest book to an avid reader, Alan Tang; a couple of weeks later Alan SMSed me:

“Having done half, I’m in a dilemma! If I finish The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest too fast, the elixir will be gone & I’ll end up w 2nd-rate fiction since the late Stieg Larsson can’t churn out anymore miracles! I’ll nibble & savor this 3rd succulent tidbit to the fullest! It’s more interesting than waiting for a kidney. I am experiencing pleasure & agony over Hornet’s Nest – pleasure as it approaches climax & agony as the story is coming to the end. I’m now in a double bind.”

It is so satisfying to hear from book lovers like Alan.

BTW, the American release of Larsson’s third book won’t be out till next year, but the British edition is already on sale:

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