Wonton, but not Heavy

No, it doesn't weigh a ton.

If you like the same wonton noodles that Chiang Kai Shek ate, go to Mak’s Noodles Limited in Hong Kong’s Wellington Street.

Its Chinese name literally means “Mak’s stingy noodles”, a reference to the “stingy” portions served in small bowls, devourable in a few bites.

It is a third-generation family business dating back to the 1960s, and is now run by Mak Chi-ming, whose grandfather Mak Woon-chi served the dish to Chiang Kai Shek. It is claimed that the recipe has remained unchanged since Mak’s grandfather’s time.

The soup base is made of powdered dried flounder, dried shrimp roe and pork bones. The small serving bowls keep the noodles from going soggy. The real test of a good noodle shop, however, is its wontons, and here they’re fresh, delicate, and filled with whole shrimp.

Mak’s noodles – so good that even Anthony Bourdain wrote about it.

NOTE: The Noodle Place Restaurant at Centrepoint claims that its chef used to be the executive chef at Mak’s.

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