Eat Right, Moron!

A moron wanted this warmed up.

On January 2 the following letter was published in the online version of The Straits Times’ FORUM:

Nasi lemak is cold? Pay 20 cents more to warm it up

I have had enough of shops charging for little things. Where is the service in the service industry?

I was a regular customer of a private canteen called Quest Kafe in IBM building at Changi Business Park. It has both air-conditioned and open-air seating.

Recently, I ordered the last packet of cold nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf. I asked the operator to warm it up and to my surprise, I was asked to pay 20 cents – even though the microwave would be at half heat for 30 seconds. I said I did not want the nasi lemak any more, gulped down my coffee which was already paid for, and left.

The canteen not only did not make extra money on the last packet of nasi lemak, but it has also lost a regular customer.

My thoughts:

1. For 20 cents he writes to the press. I am sure this tight fisted scrooge must be a multi-millionaire by now.

2. Nasi lemak is never meant to be eaten hot. Where did this moron crawl from? Some Neanderthal cave?

3. I’m sure this person will ask for his cucumber sandwiches or smoked salmon or caviar or cold cream of cucumber soup to be warmed up too. Smart fellow. Must be an A*STAR scholar or something. Could even be a MENSA member – high IQ, zero EQ.

Thanks for making me laugh so loud on January 2 morning. You made my day.

We teach our children Chinese, trigonometry, and Spanish; fill their heads with modern notions, and the secrets of the oceans, and the hieroglyph inscriptions from the land of the Egyptians; learn the date of every battle, know the habits of the cattle, know the time of every crowning, read the poetry of Browning; make them show a preference for each musty branch of science; tell the acreage of Sweden, and the serpent’s wiles in Eden; and the other things we teach them make a mountain so immense that we have not a moment left to teach them common sense!

These kids grow up to be dullards and ask for their nasi lemak to be warmed up.

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