Pun Overkill

Cheep, cheep.

On January 4, The Straits Times started a news item this way:

Bird sellers see their wings clipped

The bird business is going to the dogs. From 81 shops here selling birds five years ago, there are just 53 left.

Bird shop owners have flown the coop, as interest in acquiring songbirds dwindles among the younger set, who prefer other pets such as dogs and cats.

Mr Frankie Low, 62, knows this only too well. Some of the birds in his Bedok Reservoir shop, Hao Wang Trading, have been there for more than a year.

He is lucky to sell a bird in a month these days, compared with the 10 to 20 that would fly off his shelves when he first started business in 1995.

Some readers may find the article nice to read, and the two writers who penned the piece may think they are very clever, but I think the writers are retards.

Pun-loaded writing can be irritating as hell.

The Straits Times should know better.

But no, it doesn’t.

So Singapore Press Holdings, the main newspaper publisher in Singapore, continues to house the largest concentration of bad writers in Singapore.

After all, birds of a feather flock together.

Well, talk is cheap, so it’s so easy to twitter and chirp away.

Sorry I couldn’t resist that.

See how addictive puns are?

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