Indians, please KISS! (Keep It Simple), Stupid!

He kept things simple.

I had to go to India for some meetings.

My secretary contacted A from one of our offices in India  to request for a letter of invitation – a requirement for visa application as imposed by the Indian High Commission here.

A told my secretary that she was unable to access her computer and to please contact B.

My secretary contacted B.

B forwarded the request to C.

C emailed me a template of the invitation letter.

Yup, a fucking template.

I had to write the invitation letter myself, emailed it back to C who said she would print it out and fax it to my secretary.

Yup, using a fax machine in this day and age.

Anyway I had to chase her for two days before it was done eventually.

Why do I always have to puke buckets of blood every time I deal with the Indians from my company?

Truth be told, given a choice, I’ll avoid anything to do with India.

Don’t get me wrong – I have the utmost respect for this great civilization and its culture, cuisine, etc.

But many of the people I have to deal with from my offices in India are either retards or jerks.

By the way, “Satyameva Jayate” is the national motto of India. It means, “Truth Alone Triumphs.”

I hope my telling the truth will bring about some sort of a triumph.

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